The current ABB FIA Formula E Season Four Championship leaders, TECHEETAH Formula-E, has today announced a new partnership with the financial educational platform, aims to educate its members in basic financial knowledge, skills, the latest market trends and investment ideologies to enable its membership to achieve a lifetime of financial freedom.

It also creates opportunities for Financial Service Providers to tap into a diversified pool of stable and well-educated clients across several geo-political economies. The ultimate aim is to provide a neutral financial platform that puts knowledge and education as its prime focus to the global community.

This partnership will see the FOIN and the logos appear on car, the drivers suits, and the relevant sponsor areas of the team starting at the Qatar Airways Paris E-Prix this weekend.

“We are incredibly pleased to announce our second primary sponsor this season and would like to extend a warm welcome to Techeetah is committed to working with to increase their brand awareness and build new business opportunities over the three-year term of the partnership,” said Chief Commercial Officer Keith Smout.

“We’re delighted to join TECHEETAH Formula-E and to announce our partnership here in Paris ahead of the next E-Prix. We’ve been involved in Formula 1 previously and it was a natural progression for us to move over to Formula E due to its progressive platform for business and technology development.
“We aim to use TECHEETAH’s platform to build our brand and utilise their global network to progress our business goals of educating a global audience in financial literacy,” said Arnaud Georges,’s President.

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